Who We Are

A page to tell you a little more about Year and a Day Academics.

The short answer: a source for Pagan books, curriculum and learning materials.

Now for a little more detail. After many years of getting frustated with the excess of Christian and other “faith-based” sources for curriculum, I’ve started trying to build a collection of material that is more suitable for Pagans. Secular products are fine, but sometimes you want something that is more targeted to your spiritual or lifestyle outlook.

I first started off with Little Pagan Acorns, offering a large collection of puzzles and worksheets that can be used for learning in a Pagan household. I feel that I have exhausted that approach and wanted to start writing longer and more academic curriculum materials. And so, Year and a Day Academics (Yaada) has been born. The URL ends in .pub, which stands for publishing. Also because .com was taken.  🙂

In time, you’ll be able to find a mix of year-long topic studies, individual book units and hopefully print books (fiction and non-fiction) to compliment any Pagan homeschool plan. At least to start, the topics will be Pagan in nature, but we hope to branch out to standard mainstream academic topics (grammar, math, science) with a Pagan viewpoint. All in good time.

Why a “Year and a Day”? It’s considered the length of time for formal training into a Wiccan coven (by many traditions).  I thought it gave a Pagan attitude without being too obvious  🙂


Pagan curriculum and homeschool material