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I’ll be using this page to share ongoing polls as I try to get an idea what people want or are looking for. These change periodically as projects develop, and I’ll be posting about new polls on Facebook.

I appreciate any and all input as this is a big undertaking and I’m finding it a wee bit overwhelming when I start having to decide on format, subjects, content and age levels.

Though I’m asking this specifically about our upcoming “living math” program, it applies to any larger curriculum products that include answers.

Would you prefer answers to be part of the main document or provided as a separate file? For our math program, you would be giving the book to your kids to read through the daily shop activities, and some kids may be sneaky and go the end pages and copy answers. If your kid is a peeker, you’ll want the answers provided in a separate document that you keep to yourself.

In case it effects your vote, offering it as a separate file is more complicated on my end because the shopping cart program assumed that 1 product=1 file. Having a single document is far easier, but I also want it to work as well as possible for the readers. So what do you think??

Answer Keys: Included or Separate?

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